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What is Skooko Life ?

Skooko Life is an ( 18+ Adults Only ) virtual enviroment created with the opensim platform, you can build, create, chat and explore the hypergrid plus so much more. There are no limits to virtual worlds it's your imagination, you can create & build anything. You can play for free and explore the hypergrid with your friends, everyone is welcome at Skooko Life

Fully Responsive.

Teleport into Skooko Life at the welcome zone and create your own online avatar, meet & chat with other members. There is plenty of free stuff at the welcome zone to get you started, just walk through the teleporter at the the landing zone to enter our freebie mall.

Combat-Browser Compatible.

Skooko Life is compatible with most viewers, however you will need to add our grid to your viewer, the login adress is http://skookolife.com:8002 if you are new to opensim please watch the example video below to set up your viewer. You will need to download the opensim firestorm viewer.

Adding The Grid To Firestorm Viewer.

Step 1. Click on Viewer Preferences to open the preferences window. Step 2. Select the Opensim Tab in the Preferences Window. Add or copy & paste the Skooko Life URI http://skookolife.com:8002 in the Add New Grid field and press Apply. Close the preferences window.. Select Skooko Life from the grid list and sign in with the avatar account you created.